Will Mexico Become Next Engineering Hub?

Mexico Hopes to be Next Engineering Hub   YouTube

Mexico is stepping up efforts to make itself the next global engineering hub. More students than ever are seeking engineering degrees.  Mexico’s institutions of higher learning and the federal government are aware that every aspect of daily life, including the tools used to fix the kitchen sink, all require the work of talented and well-trained engineers.

Top head-hunting firms that recruit engineering graduates have started setting up offices in the Mexican capital. They hope the country will one day design big-ticket items like cars, instead of just building them. According to a 2012 newspaper report by the Washington Post, Mexico produces engineering and technology graduates that rivals other institutions around the world including the United States.

While there’s a sense that the opportunities for Mexican engineering students are steadily rising, some worry they could end up stuck in managerial jobs in foreign-owned factories. CCTV’s Franc Contreras reports from Mexico City.

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