At NATO Meeting, U.S. and EU Address Ukraine Crisis

NATO’s foreign ministers have met for a second day in Brussels. They have continued to express concern about Russia’s intentions towards Ukraine. That was also the focus of talks between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and European Union policy chief Catherine Ashton. CCTV’s Sandra Gathmann reports.

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The U.S has urged Europe to taper down Russian gas and lessen Moscow’s influence. Washington is asking the region to stand together and end Russia’s use of energy as political leverage.
It’s the latest move by the U.S to pressure Russia for its actions in Crimea on top of international sanctions against Moscow. CCTV’s Tom Barton reports.

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Meanwhile, Russia has imposed a natural gas hike on Ukraine. This has put additional stress on Ukraine’s economy as diplomatic tensions continue to rise between Kiev and Moscow. CCTV’s Michal Bardavid reports.

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