Search for Missing Plane Could Take Months

Search for missing plane could take months

The search for the missing Malaysian airline plane is underway once again off the coast of Australia. Planes and ships are exploring new search areas in the Indian Ocaen. Meanwhile, police are investigating the pilots and crew for any evidence suggesting they may have hijacked or sabotaged the plane. The backgrounds of the passengers, two-thirds of whom were Chinese, have been checked by local and international investigators and nothing suspicious has been found. “Investigations may go on and on and on. We have to clear every little thing,” Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar told reporters in Kuala Lumpur. “At the end of the investigations, we may not even know the real cause. We may not even know the reason for this incident.”

Police are also investigating the cargo and the food served on the plane to eliminate possible poisoning of passengers and crew, he said. It is now believed that the search for this plane can go on for months or even longer. CCTV’s Tony Cheng reports from Perth with the latest.

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To discuss the complexities of compensating the families of the MH370 passengers, and other disaster victims, Floyd Wisner, an aviation attorney and principal of Wisner Law Firm, joins Phillip Yin.

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