Comic Books in Digital Age

Movies and video games have expanded the success of comic book franchises from heavyweights such as Marvel and D.C. But while several hundred million dollar blockbusters hit the screen, the traditional comic “book” has remained pretty much the same, even when its pages are put online for viewing. But as Mark Niu reports, one company in Berkeley, California is introducing a major plot twist in that formula.

Five years ago in an East London pub — two Englishmen pondered how comics could be read in the digital age. It wouldn’t be long before the creators of Captain Stone and Mono reunited in California, and joined forces with a software engineer to make their vision a reality.

MadeFire has pioneered a motion book platform that allows interactive reading experiences for iPhones and iPads. Panaromic images, accelerometers, sound and the introduction of timing are creating a new way of storytelling.

Madefire admits that in the beginning, it faced a lot of resistance from people in the comic book industry, many who feared both change and competition. However, the past year was the 3rd highest in sales ever for the entire comic book industry.

On it’s website, MadeFire is providing free tools, so that anyone around the world can use the motion book platform to bring a heroic vision to life.

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