China’s skyscraper cleaning

China's skyscraper cleaningThere’s a group of workers whose workplace is high above the ground. People call them spider men, and perhaps rightly so. Shi Wenjing spent some time with them as they scaled the country’s tallest building.

39-year-old Chu Jinhua and his partner are working on the last step before they reach out into the sky unscrewing by using a wrench to open the window. The window can be moved to the left so that the window cleaning platform could go out.

Their work today starts on the seventy eighth floor. The skyscraper Chu is working on has about 50-thousand windows. To ensure that each window is cleaned properly, the building is equipped with different types of window cleaning machines. Chu says there are few people these days who choose to do this kind of job because of the safety concerns. It wasn’t easy for him when he first started.

His family still worries about his job but he’s quite sure about the big machine he works on every day. And he feels proud of the shiny windows the building can boast of at the end of the day.

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