Obamacare: Quality of Coverage a Concern

Obamacare: Quality of Coverage a concernFinal hours for Americans to buy health insurance is fast approaching. For those failing to comply,  face a penalty under the Affordable Care Act, known as “Obamacare”.  Critics say some Americans will buy into policies which appear less expensive, but have high costs when care is needed. They may also have restricted access to hospitals, doctors and medicine. Last week, the White House said that over six million had already signed up. That number should rise dramatically with all this last-minute shopping for insurance.But that figure still that figure has fallen short of the program’s goal and critics say it may never get there.  But questions will remain about the quality of coverage and level of take-up by young people. CCTV’s Daniel Ryntjes has the story.

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CCTV’s Phillip Yin interviews Neil Waldron, the Chief Marketing Officer and a Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Rocky Mountain Health Plans, in Denver Colorado on Obamacare.

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