Bad Weather Hinders Search for Missing Plane

Bad Weather Hinders Search for Missing Plane The efforts to find remnants of the plane are bogged down again. Bad weather was the culprit hampering Tuesday’s efforts. The head of the search operation in Australia warned that it “could drag on for a long time.” Strong winds and fast currents make it difficult to pinpoint where they are right now, and stormy weather halted the hunt by air and sea for evidence of debris fields. The search for the plane that disappeared March 8 has yet to produce a single piece of debris — not to mention the black boxes, which could solve the mystery of why the jet flew so far off-course. CCTV’s Tony Cheng reports with details on search operation from Perth.

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The Chinese rescue ship, the Haixun-01 has salvaged several objects over the past few days. But nothing has been identified as having come from flight 370. CCTV’s Ying reports from the rescue ship.

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