Stakes Heighten and the Search Continues for MH370

Malaysia DM

By air and by sea, the search for debris from the missing Malaysian jetliner is continuing. 9 aircraft and 8 ships searched off the coast of Western Australia Sunday while angry relatives continue to demand answers from Malaysian authorities. CCTV begins team coverage of the day’s developments. Tony Cheng reports.
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China has sent one of its largest rescue ships, the Haixun Zero, to help in the hunt for the missing jet. CCTV’s Ying Yiyuan reports.

Several dozen relatives of Chinese passengers arrived in Kuala Lumpur Sunday, demanding once again that Malaysian officials provide answers about the missing flight. CCTV’s Andy Saputra reports.

Malaysia has come under fire from the families for its handling of this crisis. In Beijing on Sunday, they demanded evidence that flight 370 crashed into the sea. Earlier this week, Malaysia’s Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein defended his country’s response by declaring that “history will judge us well.’ CCTV’s James Chau reports.

The search for the missing plane intensifies with each passing day as the battery that powers the black box pinger runs down.
It’s uncertain if the recorders can be found in the depths of the vast Indian Ocean. But the information inside could help solve the mystery of exactly what happened to the plane.

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