Mass Raid in Brazil

Brazil Rio Violence

In Brazil, more than 1,400 police officers and Brazilian Marines rolled into a massive complex of shantytowns near Rio de Janeiro’s international airport as part of a campaign to clean up the city ahead of this year’s football World Cup.

Special operations battalion Police officers searched for drugs and weapons against gangs of drug traffickers.

However, not a shot was fired as the Mare complex of 15 favelas became the latest impoverished area to see security forces invade in an effort to push out heavily armed drug gangs that have ruled Rio’s shantytowns for decades.

It has been reported that soldiers will begin patrolling the area of about 2 square miles in northern Rio, which hugs the main road to the airport. It is home to about 130,000 people.

The latest area is targeted for the government’s “pacification” program, which sees officers move in, push out drug gangs and set up permanent police posts.

Over the last 6 years the Brazilian authorities have been attempting to bring law and order to these previously off-limits areas. CCTV’s Stephen Gibbs reports. 

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