Relatives Demand Evidence From Malaysia

Relatives Upset with Malaysian Government CHINA-MALAYSIA-MALAYSIAAIRLINES-TRANSPORT-ACCIDENTFor the families of the 154 Chinese passengers, there’s still been very little information shared following the Malaysian Prime Minister’s declaration that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean.  Many relatives of Chinese passengers demand proof that the plane had plunged into the sea with no hope of survivors. Meanwhile, Chinese leaders have announced that they will further increase search efforts to find the missing plane. Zhang Yesui,  China’s deputy foreign minister, told relatives of some of the Chinese passengers aboard the plane that China has used a lot of resources in the search, including 21 satellites, over 10 ships and dozens of plane sorties. China will continue to ask Malaysia to accurately inform the relatives of the passengers about the search and investigation progress in a timely manner, he said, adding the Chinese government will continue to provide help and service to the families. CCTV’s Ai Yang reports.

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CCTV’s James Chau interviews Liu Guiqiu, a mother from China’s Hebei Province, who is in Kuala Lumpur to find her son.

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