Canadian Grapes Used as Health Supplements

Getting More from Canada s Grapes   YouTubeWine is big business for grape growers in Canada’s Niagara region which is the heartland of Canada’s grape-growing industry. It’s already famous for its rich icewines, it Rieslings, Chardonnays, and Cabernets and now its making a name for itself in the health supplements industry. The Southbrook vineyard is the first of its kind to harness organic pomace – turning it into a potent anti-oxidant for use in cooking, on salads or in smoothies.While the world’s thirst for wine certainly isn’t waning – the opportunity to tap into the health supplements industry is perhaps too lucrative to ignore. Pressed and now powdered, there’s ever more profit to be squeezed from the humble grape. CCTV’s Kristiaan Yeo has more from Ontario.

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