Lawsuits Planned against Malaysia Airlines

Lawsuits begin on Malaysian airlinesAs families continue to grieve over the apparent loss of their loved ones, law firms are swooping in to begin legal proceedings against Malaysia Airlines and other corporations. A U.S.-based law firm said it expects to represent families of more than half of the passengers on board the missing Malaysian airlines flight in a lawsuit against the carriers and Boeing Co, alleging the plane had crashed due to mechanical failure. The Beijing-bound flight MH370 disappeared more than two weeks ago, and was announced to have crashed into the remote southern Indian ocean with all 239 on board presumed to have died.

Chicago-based Ribbeck Law has filed a petition for discovery against Boeing Co, manufacturer of the aircraft, and Malaysian Airlines, operator of the plane in a Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court. The petition is meant to secure evidence of possible design and manufacturing defects that may have contributed to the disaster, the law firm said. CCTV’s Rian Maelzer reports from Kuala Lumpur with details.

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Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of anger from relatives of the missing passengers about how Malaysian authorities handled the search particularly over the flow of information. CCTV’s Han Peng interviews a Chinese lawyer on possible legal options relatives could pursue against the Malaysian Government.

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To discuss the legal background of potential compensation claims for lost family members on Flight 370, anchor Phillip Yin is joined by Floyd Wisner, Aviation Attorney with the Wisner Law Firm.

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