Malaysia Unites in Grief Over Plane Crash

Malaysia unites in Grief on Plane Crash Malaysians of all colors and religions took part in a memorial for the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 a day after Prime Minister Najib Razak revealed that satellite data had confirmed that the flight had ended in the southern Indian Ocean and was lost with none of those on board surviving. Malaysians, as well as people from all over the world, have held out hope for as long as they could providing families of the missing passengers moral support. through their words. But with the government, now saying with near certainty that everyone on board died, that hope has turned into grief. CCTV’s Barnaby Lo reports.

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The search for flight 370 continues on Wednesday. Poor weather conditions on Tuesday caused the Royal Australian Air Force to call off search efforts for the missing jetliner. Tony Cheng at Pearce Airbase in western Australia has more details.

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