Families of Passengers Want More Evidence

Families of Passengers want more evidenceThe announcement Monday night that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, killing all on board has set off a new wave of criticism against Malaysia authorities. Families believe the evidence is not conclusive and even Australia seems to want more evidence. Malaysia transport minister has now released all the information the country received from the British satellite company, but it’s unlikely to silence the doubters. In Beijing, hundreds of relatives of passengers marched on the Malaysian Embassy on Tuesday, rejecting the government’s conclusion that the flight crashed into the Indian Ocean with no survivors. CCTV’s Rian Maelzer reports from Kuala Lumpur on the anger among the relatives of passengers with the way Malaysia handled the crisis.

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Despite Malaysia’s announcement that the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean. China is maintaining its search operation in other areas where the plane could have gone down. CCTV’s Ai Yang reports with details.