Zou Yun

Zou Yun

Zou Yun is CCTV’s U.S. correspondent for both Mandarin and English services, mainly focusing on the U.S. economy, trade, and politics.

During her time in Washington, she has covered many major news events, including the G-20 meetings in Mexico, the G8 meetings at Camp David, and the IMF Annual Meeting.

She also frequently reports from the frontline of breaking news and has recently covered the Colorado wildfires and the suicide of Chinese-American Private Danny Chen.

Zou Yun has been reporting from Washington, DC, since December 2011. Before coming to U.S., she was a business reporter and writer for CCTV’s show BizAsia.

During that time she covered a wide range of topics—from high-speed rails, to China’s monetary policy—and interviewed many senior officials from Fortune 500 companies.

She joined CCTV NEWS in 2010 after coming second runner-up in the CCTV Cup English Speaking Contest in 2009.