Pro-Russian Troops Surround Ukrainian Marine Base


The Russian Defense Ministry says the Russian flag is now flying over 189 military facilities in Crimea and Ukraine is calling for the release of an air force commander who was being held captive, after pro-Russian forces stormed a Crimean base Saturday.  Nevertheless, pro-Russian troops have surrounded Ukrainian marines at another base on the peninsula. CCTV’s Tom Barton reports.

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Now that Moscow has formally approved Crimea’s union with the Russian Federation the political, legal and economy process of integration is underway. Muscovites marked with the occasion with a fireworks display, while in Crimea pro-Russian troops stormed several Ukrainian military bases. Correspondent Natalie Feary reports.


William Risch,  an associate professor of history at Georgia College, who just returned from Kiev joins CCTV for sharing more of his  impressions of Kiev.