Report Claims NSA Spied on Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei

Huawei BuildingGerman news magazine Der Spiegel reports that the U.S. National Security Agency worked to infiltrate Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, and targeted top Chinese officials and government institutions. This is according to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. CCTV’s Jim Spellman reports.

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Chinese officials are demanding answers over the alleged spying on the Chinese telecommunications giant by the NSA. CCTV’s Han Peng reports.

How will the reports of cyber-espionage impact Sino-U.S. relations? Anchor Mike Walter is joined by Jia Xiudong, Senior Research Fellow at the China Institute of International Studies.

The latest allegations of digital spying between the U.S. and China involved telecommunications giant Huawei. New documents released from NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden seem to show the NSA targeted private computer systems in China.
Han Peng reports from Beijing the reaction of the Chinese government.
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This latest claims of the National Security Agency spying on Huawei aren’t getting much attention in Washington. But, that’s not stopping the questions from following President Obama to the G-7 Meetings in the Netherlands. Jim Spellman reports.

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Allan Friedman, Visiting Scholar at the Cyber Security Policy Research Institute at George Washington University, discusses cybersecurity and Huawei.

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