An In-Depth Look to the Importance of Water

Ben Grumbles on Access to Clean Water   YouTube
Saturday, March 22, is the United Nationa’s World Water Day.And according to a new report, energy production is straining water resources world-wide. 1 billion people already lack access to both energy and water.And researchers expect that to get worse.Droughts make energy shortages worse — and the lack of electricity hurts the farmers’ because they cant irrigate fields. Since 1995 — the water needed to produce energy has tripled.  80 percent of the water used in the industry goes to thermal power plants. Globally water demand is expected to grow 55 percent by 2050. At the same time, More than 40 percent of the population could experience severe water stress.

Before a downpour this week, Singapore suffered its longest dry spell in record. But while its neighbors faced water shortages too, Singapore kept the water flowing. CCTV’s Miro Lu explains how.

Ben Grumbles ,President of the U.S. Water Alliance discusses the importance of water and how vital it is for of all to recognize that water is on of the most precious resources.