Impact of Climate Change on Food Security

Guest Andy INT.Still001

As part of the latest effort in the United States to fight climate change, the White House launched a new website this week to better organize information on the climate. It’s partnering with companies like Google and Microsoft to produce interactive features. The Obama Administration has made climate change a bigger focus in recent years. And that push to tackle climate change comes the same week that we’re learning of a potential impact on the global food supply. The study, led by the University of Leeds, shows that a global temperature rise of just two degrees Celsius would hurt crops in both temperate and tropical regions. That means more of Europe and the United States could be impacted than thought. The study finds crop yields– that is the amount of the crop that can actually be harvested– will begin to significantly decline in less than 20 years. Farmers will be impacted by this on a very direct level. CCTV’s Ginger Vaughn brings their reactions from Texas.

University of Leeds Professor Andy Challinor, discusses the impact of Climate Change on agriculture and how this could eventually affect our food security.