Families Show Frustration with Lack of Answers About Missing MH370

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Relatives of Chinese passengers on board the missing Malaysian flight MH370 on Wednesday (March 19) expressed their grief and frustration with the Malaysian government and airline, at not getting answers on the location of the plane.

Around two thirds of the 239 passengers on board the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing on March 8 are Chinese. Malaysian and U.S. officials believe the aircraft was deliberately diverted perhaps thousands of miles off course, but an exhaustive background search of the passengers and crew aboard has not yielded anything that might explain why.


Relatives gathered at a hotel in Sepang, Malaysia, demanding answers. “We don’t know until when we’ll be waiting, it’s been 12 days, my loved one… I don’t know where my loved one is… it’s been 12 days, where is my son? Why are you not giving me any answers?” said a crying woman.

“They have followed us, taken care of us very well. However, we don’t need to be looked after, we need to know the truth! We need to know where the plane is, we don’t need someone to look after us everyday,” added another woman.

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China has repeatedly called on the Malaysian side to do a better job at looking after the relatives of the Chinese passengers, and to provide them with updated information. Investigators probing the disappearance the jetliner believe it most likely flew into the southern Indian Ocean, a source close to the investigation said on Wednesday.

An unprecedented search for the Boeing777-200ER is under way involving 26 nations in two vast search “corridors”, one arcing north overland from Laos towards the Caspian Sea, the other curving south across the Indian Ocean from west of Indonesia to west of Australia.

Investigators piecing together patchy data from military radar and satellites believe that someone turned off vital datalinks and turned west, re-crossing the Malay Peninsula and following a commercial route towards India.

Families Protest Over Lack of Answers

This report compiled with information from Reuters, Associated Press and Xinhua