Syria Faces an Uncertain Future

Syria Faces an Uncertain Future   YouTube
It’s been three years since the start of Syria’s civil war. More than 140 thousand people have been killed and millions more made homeless. The economic impact of the unrest is big. According to the Associated Press, GDP fell a 22.5% last year. It’s expected to fall another 9% this year. And inflation has been awful. Prices for everything – clothing to food rose 200% last year. And then there’s oil. Experts say Syria produced 370 thousand barrels a day before the war. Last year it was just 60 thousand barrels.

Meanwhile statistics show that just almost half of the labor force in Syria will be without jobs. And the situation is could get much worse. Alaa Ebrahim reports from Damascus.

Dr. Samer Abboud, Assistant Professor of History and International Studies at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania discusses the global community’s response to the Syrian civil war.