Knife Attack in China Market Leaves 5 Dead

Relative of victim in China knife attack
A fight between two food stall owners at a market in southern China on Friday left five people hacked to death and one person fatally shot by police, authorities said.

A man named Hebir Turdi slashed and killed another man, Memet Abla, at the market in Changsha, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

As he ran away, Turdi stabbed four more people before he was shot dead by police, it reported.

Two of the four people died at the scene and the two others died in a hospital, police said in a statement.

Onlookers gathering at the crime scene were kept back by police.

Bloodstains could be seen on the ground, and one woman identified as a relative of one of the victims was being restrained by police.

The killings came two weeks after 29 people were killed and 140 others wounded in a knife attack blamed on ethnic Muslim Uighur separatists at the Kunming train station, initially raising concerns that the latest violence was politically motivated.

Unlike the Kunming attack, Friday’s violence appeared to stem from a personal dispute.

This report compiled with information from CCTV and the Associated Press.