Obama says Ukraine has the right to Determine its Destiny

International community will stand with Ukraine , says Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama met Ukraine’s new Prime Minister Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk in the White House  a while ago. Both the leaders spoke to the media in the Oval office after their meeting. While appreciating Ukrainians and the Prime Minister for standing up for democracy, Obama assured him that the United States will stand with Ukraine in its effort to rebuild its economy. He also warned Russia that ‘international community will be forced to apply costs’ if Russia continues its path in Ukraine.

“Ukrainian people showed courage in their desire to determine their own destiny in changing governments in Ukraine”, Obama said. The meeting comes ahead of  a referendum in Crimea where a Russian-speaking majority is likely to bring the strategic peninsula under Moscow’s control.

Ukrainian Prime Minister vowed to never surrender and said’ ‘Ukraine is and will be part of the Western world’ and emphasized that his country open to talks with Russia and is committed to resolve all the issues peacefully and through diplomatic means. Yatsenyuk met Secretary of State John Kerry before heading to the White House. CCTV’s Jessica Stone reports.

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