Impact of U.S. and EU Sanctions Against Russia

U.S. Imposes sanctions on RussiaPresident Barack Obama ordered the West’s first sanctions in response to Russia’s military takeover of Crimea on Thursday, declaring his determination not to let Moscow carve up Ukraine. He asserted that a hastily scheduled referendum on Crimea seceding and becoming part of Russia would violate international law. European leaders announced their own measures but split over how forcefully to follow the U.S. lead. Obama threatened further steps if Russia persists.

After announcing his sanctions, the President of United States has emphasized his resolve in a personal telephone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a one-hour discussion, President Obama affirmed his contention that Russia’s actions violate Ukraine’s sovereignty. CCTV’s Jessica Stone reports.

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How Will Sanctions by the European Union Impact Russia?

As the European Union is Russia’s #1 trading partner, how will sanctions impact Russia’s economy? CCTV’s Anya Ardayeva reports from Moscow.

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