Temple Grandin shares her autistic story

CCTV America Insight  Autism

In the United States, about one in 88 people are considered to be what’s called “on the spectrum”, that means they have some form of autism. Only 12 years ago, that figure was about one in 150.That’s a far cry from countries like China, which reports cases of autism at around one in a thousand. And the United Kingdom and Japan. Both those countries report rates of around three cases in one-thousand.

Temple Grandin is an American scientist considered one of the world’s leading experts on autism, not just because she has written some of the most informative books about the condition but also because she, herself, is autistic. Her latest book explores the most recent developments in diagnosing and treating autism — a condition that, for unknown reasons, is on the rise in the U-S.

CCTV’s Mary MacCarthy spoke with Dr. Temple Grandin, who shares her personal experience so that we can better understand those diagnosed with this condition