Insight: Countries Promote Sex Education to Fight HIV AIDS

Sex Education in Africa   YouTubeUN reports more young girls die from pregnancy and child birth complications than any other cause. Their babies suffer from being born prematurely and undersized. The countries with highest teen-pregnancy rates are Niger, Chad, Mozambique, Mali, and Liberia.  Besides Pregnancy, there is also the risk of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV AIDS.  South Africa has the highest rate of HIV in the world.  Nearly, 1 in 5 of the country’s adult population has the virus.  The government says it has made significant progress in the fight against it. But the stigma surrounding HIV still persists.  CCTV’s Rene del Carme has more insight.

There has been progress in efforts to increase sex education in China. Watch as CCTV’s Teresa Sui travels to a village in Hubei province where primary students are attending sex education classes with their parents.


Anchor Elaine Reyes sits down with Adam Tenner, executive director of the non-profit Metro TeenAIDS, to discuss the importance of sex education and when, ideally, it should begin.