Wang Ying

WangYingWang Ying has been reporting from Russia and the CIS countries since 2010. From politics, economics, culture, sports to social issues and Sino-Russian bilateral ties, her reports cover a wide range of issues. In the past two years, she has reported on the Kyrgyzstan riot, Russia´s Bulgaria sank, Russia´s presidential election, and a series of high level officials´ visits between China and Russia.

Wang Ying  not only provides stories for CCTV- News, but also for other channels under CCTV, such as the CCTV- 2, CCTV- 4, and CCTV- 13. Before stationing in Moscow, Wang Ying worked for World Insight, under CCTV-News in Beijing since 2004. She is an alumni of China Foreign Affairs University (Foreign affairs College).