Liu Xin

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Liu Xin is a native of China´s southern province of Jiangsu. While a student of English language in the prestigious Nanjing University, she was the first Chinese student to ever win an international English public speaking competition in 1996.

Upon graduation, she joined CCTV´s English service, when it was just a daily news program lasting 30 minutes. When the English language channel was created in 2001, she became the backbone and the longest-serving presenter. Her style is one that´s defined as gentle, un-intrusive, professional but personal. A refreshing image of the present day China, she drew the attention of viewers around the world to the English channel, in its endeavor to becoming a powerful voice from Asia.

In October 2010, she made a surprise move and opted to go into the field to become chief of CCTV´s Geneva Bureau. A totally different challenge, this assignment injected her with much needed vitality and first-hand knowledge of how news was churned out before it reaches the hand of the presenter. It also brought her into close contact with the real world outside the studio, where she is thriving again.

Follow Liu Xin on Twitter: @CCTVGeneva