About CCTV-America

CCTVLogo2Welcome to CCTV America—the media crossroads where news and “views” about the world’s two largest national economies intersect and sometimes collide.

‘CCTV News’ is a global English language, 24 x 7 news and current affairs channel. It is one of 42 television channels produced and broadcast by China Central Television, the world’s largest broadcaster with a reach of more than 1.2 billion people.

The English channel can be seen in more than 85 million homes across more than 100 countries and territories.

Through cable and satellite, it is in nearly 30 million households (encompassing 75 million viewers) in the United States. In Asia, the channel has large audiences on the Chinese mainland and is on multiple platforms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. In Europe, CCTV News is available to 6.6 million SKY Digital subscribers in the United Kingdom/ Ireland, and 1.2m TPS subscribers in France.

The Channel aims to provide alternative global coverage with a China perspective.

CCTV News was launched in Beijing in April 2010. The channel is an outgrowth of the general interest English Channel 9 founded in September 2000. CCTV News has grown steadily with an increasing number of broadcast hours produced outside China.

Launched on February 6, 2012, CCTV America is the American production and broadcast arm of the channel. The broadcast center employs nearly 160 people. It also services all Chinese language channels with US news coverage.

In 2014, CCTV America will produce five hours of daily content: news, business, talk, documentary and current affairs programming. Programming originates from Washington, New York, and Los Angeles.

CCTV America focuses on in depth coverage of developments in both North and South America. It fields a dozen correspondents in Central and South America; more than any other English language network. Its talk programming attracts distinguished guests to speak on global issues from the world of politics, business, and entertainment.

CCTV America programming launched from Washington on February 6, 2012 and has been steadily expanding.

Planned 2014 programming includes ‘Global Business.’ This American edition provides a daily one hour analysis of economic trends that impact the average global viewer, as well as news of finance, investment, trade and US, European and Asia markets. The program is anchored by Phillip Yin in Washington and Michelle Makori at the NASDAQ market site at Times Square New York. It features daily New York reporting from Shraysi Tandon and Karina Huber as well as Silicon Valley technology features from Mark Niu.

Each evening [6pm US east coast time,] CCTV America ‘Newsdesk’ provides a solid news hour of world coverage including the daily INSIGHT series which explores particular issues of the day in a long-form treatment. The broadcast anchored by Mike Walter and Elaine Reyes provides comprehensive roundups of news from China and from CCTV correspondents all across North and South America

The daily talk program ‘The Heat’, hosted by veteran anchor Anand Naidoo, engages in a conversation about the day’s events as well as highlighting issues ignored by other news media.

On weekends, the unique magazine program ‘Americas Now’ explores a wide range of issues; social, political, economic, environmental is Central and South America.

A new program for 2014, called ‘Full Frame,’ will explore trends in global culture and social development with emphasis on film, music, science, and technology.

CCTV America programming in 2014 will be featured daily from 2pm US eastern time, with prime programming at 6, 7 and 8pm eastern (7, 8 and 9pm daylight savings time).

In the United States, the CCTV News channel can be seen in most markets on cable and satellite. Nationally the DISH Networks 14 million subscribers can see our programming on Channel 279. Distribution in the Washington DC area reaches 2.3 million homes or 4.9 million viewers on MHZ Networks 3 and through Comcast/Xfinity (273) as well as RCN and Cox Cable. In New York and Los Angeles, Time Warner cable channels 134 and 155 reach 2.8 million homes.

Individual programs produced by CCTV America can be seen in 30 million homes nationwide on MHZ Worldview where the daily business news hour can be seen at 8pm US Pacific Time.

Excerpts of CCTV America produced programs may be see on Youtube’s CCTV America channel. Viewers can connect to CCTV America on Facebook and Twitter.

In 2014 the Washington production center will offer ‘live streaming’ on line. It is developing greater digital services including new mobile applications.

In addition to CCTV America, other broadcast centers offer programming tailored to their regions. Since January 2012, CCTV Africa with its production center in Nairobi and an extensive team of Correspondents all across Africa, from Cape Town to Lagos has broadcast multiple hours of news and current affairs programming. CCTV News can be seen on the DStv platform. Reaching more than 10 million households, DStv in South Africa, is the sub-saharan Africa’s largest cable provider.

In late 2014, CCTV News plans another expansion with new production facilities and programming emanating from London.

CCTV in addition to its Chinese and English channels also offers general interest channel in French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

Aspirationally, CCTV News aims to create a global network rivalling long established world channels like BBC World News, CNN International and Al Jazeera English.

CCTV America maintains editorial standards in keeping with other world broadcasters: pursuing quality, accuracy, balance, depth and alternative views.

Production Team:

• Anchors

Anand Naidoo, Elaine Reyes, Mike Walter and Philip Yin in Washington DC and Michelle Makori in New York.

• North American Correspondents

U.S.—Sean Callebs, Jessica Stone, Wang Guan, and Zou Yun in Washington; Nathan King, Liling Tan, and Karina Huber in New York. Yakenda McGahee in Los Angeles, Mark Niu in San Francisco, Ginger Vaughn in Houston, Nitza Perez in Miami, Greg Mauro in Chicago; Canada—Kristiaan Yeo in Toronto; Mexico—Franc Contreras and John Holman in Mexico City; Cuba— Michael Voss in Havana.

• South American Correspondents

Colombia—Michelle Begue in Bogota; Brazil—Stephen Gibbs and Lucrecia Franco in Rio de Janeiro, and Paolo Cabral in Sao Paolo; Argentina—Daniel Schweimler in Buenos Aires; Peru—Dan Collyns in Lima, Peru.


• General News

Breaking news from around the world – with special emphasis on North and South America at 7:00PM.

• Biz Asia America

Two hours of global business news and analysis, M-F, at 7:00PM US Eastern time.

• The Heat

The weekly news & current affairs show that turns up “the heat” on global affairs, Saturdays, at 7:30PM US Eastern time.

• Americas Now

CCTV America’s news magazine, featuring in-depth stories from Central and South America, Sundays, at 7:30PM US Eastern time.